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Your thumb is very different from other four fingers. To begin with, the thumb only has two bones (or phalanges) while the other fingers have three. The thumb is also opposable, meaning its enhanced freedom of movement enables you to touch your thumb to the tips of your other four fingers, allowing you to grasp objects. A system of muscles makes all this movement possible, and repeated use of these muscles puts stress primarily on two joints-the basal joint, located at the very base of the hand between the thumb and the wrist, and the Metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint, located at the base of the thumb.

You can get pain in your thumb from damaging the tendons, injuring the nerves, dislocating or spraining the ligaments in your thumb.

Another thumb condition is called Gamekeeper’s thumb. If you find it hard to hold an object between your thumb and fingers you may have this.

Thumb fractures are also quite a pain.

How can you find relief from thumb pain? Thumb braces can provide relief for your thumb pain. Thumb braces are designed to lessen the pain from thumb injuries or fractures. They are also made to improve the function of your thumb.

Thumb braces help you to keep your thumb in the proper position and protect your thumb from further injury.

If you have a sprain or a strain, (sometimes known as a soft tissue injury) a brace can help by giving added support while it heals.

If you have a painful condition like DeQuervain’s syndrome (inflammation that causes pain), arthritis or tendonitis (inflammation of the thumb) a brace may be helpful by reducing the load on the affected area.

Our thumb braces can be used to prevent and/or treat conditions such as: basal joint arthritis, arthritis, dequervain's syndrome, gamekeeper's thumb, Technology Thumb, chronic arthritis, Collateral ligament injuries, and skier's thumb.


Bauerfeind RhizoLoc Thumb Stabilizer Brace
SKU: bau-12053300080601
FLA Hospital Grade Thumb Spica
SKU: 180140
Microban Deluxe C3 Thumb Splint
SKU: 180440
Tether Professional Grade Thumb Stabilizer
SKU: 180223
Bauerfeind RhizoLoc Thumb Stabilizer Brace
FLA Hospital Grade Thumb Spica
Microban Deluxe C3 Thumb Splint
Tether Professional Grade Thumb Stabilizer

The RhizoLoc thumb orthosis has an individually shapeable aluminum strap which stabilizes the thumb saddle and... 

Great support to limit thumb motion after sprains, strains or injuries.
  Thumb splint supports and limits the motion of the thumb joint while preventing wrist rotation.  
  Thumb stabilizer helps support and limit the motion of the thumb due to injury or to wear during athletic or work... 
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