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If you suffer from leg cramps or a leg strain but still desire to maintain your level of activity, then a thigh support sleeve may be for you. Generally made of neoprene, thigh support sleeves are worn around the upper leg, and aid to increase warmth and blood flow to the thigh. They are particularly useful for those who have had strains in the hamstrings, quadriceps or groin area, keeping the area supported and protected while it heals.

Thigh support sleeves may also be used simply to provide heat in order to keep leg muscles that are prone to cramping relaxed during sports activities. Most sleeves are available in a wide range of sizes, and have adjustable straps in order to provide a more custom fit or level of compression. Thigh support sleeves are relatively slim, and can easily be worn under the majority of sport shorts or pants.

Our thigh braces can be used to prevent and/or treat conditions such as:Muscle injuries to the thigh (especially cramps, pulls, ruptures, tears), Prevention, especially against repetitive injuries, Bruising to thigh muscles, Additional support for follow-up treatment of muscle injuries, hamstring pulls, varicose veins, and Iliotibial band syndrome.



Bauerfeind MyoTrain Thigh Support Brace
SKU: bau-11032500080001
Captain Sports Long Elastic Wrap
SKU: cap-49180
Pro-Tec Hamstring Wrap Compression Wrap
SKU: ptc-75001
Bauerfeind MyoTrain Thigh Support Brace
Captain Sports Long Elastic Wrap
Pro-Tec Hamstring Wrap Compression Wrap

Thanks to the oblique design of the individually adjustable tensioning straps, the MyoTrain active support exercises... 


The Captain Long Elastic Wrap is a durable, 39" long, reinforced elastic strap designed to provide excellent... 

  Alleviates conditions of hamstring tear or strain. 
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