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Your elbow joint is more than a simple hinge. Through a number of muscles and tendons, the elbow allows you to bend (flex) and extend your arm and rotate your hand. The extensor muscle group is on the outside (lateral) of your forearm and helps turn your wrist palm up. The flexor muscle group is on the inside (medial side) of your forearm and helps turn your wrist palm down. Tendons attach the extensor/flexor muscles to the epicondyles of the elbow. The epicondyles are two bony knobs on either side of your elbow. The biceps and triceps muscles help to bend and extend your elbow.

Professional athletes use tennis elbow braces because they help support the muslces themselves. By supporting the muslces you essentially promote the tendons releasing pressure on themselves and reducing inflammation. Tennis elbow braces work by constantly driving the forces clear of the elbow.

One of the biggest things that tennis elbow braces help with is the decrease in swelling. By increasing the amount of support around the elbow they essentially can improve circulation resulting in much better recovery. By utilizing these braces you tend to rebuild the muscles stronger thus resulting in even better muscle structure should you choose to return to sporting activities.

Our elbow braces can be used to prevent and/or treat conditions such as: Post elbow Arthroscopy, Chronic swelling and edema, lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow, medial epicondylitis, golfers elbow, dual epicondylitis, tendonitis, elbow contusion, arthritis, and osteoarthritis.


Bauerfeind EpiPoint Elbow Strap
SKU: bau-12063501080000
Bauerfeind EpiTrain Elbow Support
SKU: bau-11061603010000
Captain Neoprene Elbow Sleeve
SKU: cap-49022
Pro-Tec Elbow Sleeve Support
SKU: ptc-e003-S
Bauerfeind EpiPoint Elbow Strap
Bauerfeind EpiTrain Elbow Support
Captain Neoprene Elbow Sleeve
Pro-Tec Elbow Sleeve Support
  EpiPoint is a dynamic elbow strap for tennis elbow and other overuse conditions.   

Worn by many professional athletes, EpiTrain is our most popular elbow support.


The Captain Elbow Sleeve provides the therapeutic values of heat retention, compression and support.

  Warmth and compression for elbow pain, including mild to moderate conditions of epicondylitis and arthritis. 
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